Looped Demand for YEL

This page explains core elements of organic demand for YEL tokens and how our ecosystem creates a loop.

Constant Buy Pressure and Fees

Outside of market conditions, there are a few key factors that will influence the YEL token price. One of these key elements will be constant buy pressure for YEL from:

  • Equilibrium V2. The enhanced farming strategies performing on several chains allow users to steadily amass yields represented as YEL tokens. These gathered yields are then dispersed among the protocol's members.

  • Leveraged farming. YEL finance will be collecting fees from the leveraged farming positions at a performce based rate.

Multichain Liquidity

Since YEL will be traded and available on four networks at launch, this will present constant arbitrage opportunities for the savvy trader. Liquidity and farms on every network will help ensure there is enough trading volume as well as provide opportunities for pricing arbitrage across those chains. Being multichain by design, YEL also ensures more stable price chart movements, as any price dips or spikes will be balanced by such cross-chain arbitrage.

Voting Power

YEL is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the YEL token is its governance token, therefore, all decisions and proposals will be agreed by the majority of holders. Buying and holding YEL grants users voting power. The more YEL held, the more voting power users have on proposals. YEL holders have an incentive to hold YEL tokens as well as farm additional tokens, so they would have more influence over proposals and can protect their farming interests.

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