One page information about Yield Enhancement Labs
Welcome aboard!✌🏻
Yield Enhancement Labs (YEL) is a multi-chain yield enhancement protocol who’s core mission is to build an ecosystem for maximized ROI through various instruments. YEL finance will be a single place for automated farming, leveraged farming, borrow markets and protocol's own liquidity. To go even further YEL will introduce a dYEL - decentralized reserved index of DeFi, backed by various high liquidity assets.

Key Advantages of YEL

  • Automated farming with Equllibrium
  • Decenralized DeFi index that reflects market performance
  • Protocol's own liquidity
  • Healthy token economics with revenue sharing model
  • Self-sufficient ecosystem
  • Generation of additional liquidity for projects across DeFi
  • Simplicity
Our website: https://yel.finance
Social links:
Telegram: https://t.me/yelfinance
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