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Yield Enhancement Labs (YEL) is a multi-chain yield enhancement protocol who’s core mission is to help projects gain liquidity across multiple chains while building self-sustainable token economics with constant and organic buy-pressure for YEL token. YEL plans to accomplish this by the incentivization of investors and simplification of the research process for best APRs.
YEL aggregates multiple projects across several networks and presents them in a simple format for liquidity provision and staking opportunities. This allows investors to easily choose the most interesting APRs, evaluate project risks and review project details within minutes.
On top of that, YEL is introducing automated farming strategies with several risk levels of investor's choice. Equilibrium protocol will manage your deposit and allocate it to most profitable strategy across the network.

Key Advantages of YEL

  • Stakers earn more with YEL enhanced pools
  • Projects are able to gather additional multichain liquidity
  • Investors can use automated farming strategies
  • YEL token holders are able to participate in governance for which pools will be enhanced and by how much
Our website: https://yel.finance​
Social links:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/yel_finance​
Telegram: https://t.me/yelfinance​
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