The dashboard to manage your staking and farming opportunities.

The YEL Launchpad, Spectre, is a comprehensive dashboard that displays customized pools for our users to stake their assets and receive rewards. At YEL, we believe simplicity lies not only in design but also in user engagement. For this reason, Spectre makes it easy for our users to find the best staking opportunities in a single spot.

How does it work?

Once you hop on to Spectre, you’ll be able to choose between the different supported blockchains, they are Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Avalanche and Fantom. In order to connect to Spectre, you will need to have either the MetaMask extension or mobile app downloaded. Once logged in, you will see the different staking positions available; either single-sided staking or LP staking. Once you’ve chosen the desired liquidity pair, you can review the APR and approve your tokens for Staking. Finally, all you need to do is look forward to collecting your rewards. We will release a detailed guide on Spectre shortly. Spectre listings Any project across any chain YEL Finance operates at is able to join Spectre section for gathering additional liquidity or jump starting it. Our team will perform the due deligence and confirm listing if project passes all security and token economics standards. Projects are able to set up LP or single side staking farm that will be hosted by YEL Finance. Project allocates the rewards and funds the farm. For hosting the farms and marketing exposure, projects will be charged performance fees, paid in YEL tokens. Projects will also be able to join "YEL enhanced" pools once they are listed in Spectre. YEL Enhanced pools In order to accumulate and attract new investors and users, YEL Finance will be maximizing their profits. Therefore, providing an additional incentivization for current farming positions. This helps to grow the community, accumulate TVL and increase number of daily active users as well as volumes. However, any pool listed in Spectre section can also join "YEL Enhanced" pools if the governance votes so. Smaller projects, who gather liquidity through YEL Finance, will be very motivated to join "YEL Enhanced" pools to incentivize their liquidity providers and token holders. Therefore, there will be a constant demand for YEL tokens from both sides, while benefiting both sides too.

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