The community rules!
YEL is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and the YEL token is its governance token, therefore, all decisions and proposals will be agreed upon by the majority of holders. Buying and holding YEL grants users voting power. The more YEL held, the more voting power users have on proposals.
With decisions such as the enhancement of new pools or extending the farming period of present pools are subject to proposals and voting, YEL holders have an incentive to hold YEL tokens as well as farm additional tokens, so they would have more influence over proposals and can protect their farming interests.

Proposal Creation

Any user can make a proposal; 100 000 YEL tokens required to create a proposal at Snapshot

Proposal Voting round

Voting on the proposal takes place. Any YEL holder can join the vote and express their opinion. It is required to have over 50% support for the vote to pass. The minimum amount of YEL tokens participating in the vote is 20% from circulating supply.

Approval Mechanism

The team will prepare and publish a detailed implementation plan, including all steps and team opinion regarding the "passed proposals" .