Equilibrium V2

Taking farming to the next level

The Equilibrium V2 (EQ V2) protocol has been designed to progressively accumulate yields in the form of YEL tokens. These accumulated yields are subsequently distributed amongst the protocol's participants.

Contrary to its predecessors, the EQ V2 does not implement any mandatory holding strategies. Instead, it provides a sophisticated array of pools from which users are afforded the autonomy to make a discerning selection based on their individual preferences and investment strategies.

EQ V2 extends its reach and functionality across five distinct blockchain networks:

  • Ethereum

  • Binance Smart Chain

  • Polygon

  • Fantom

  • Avalanche

How does it work?

The vault places the user's specific LP into a specific farm depending on the Network(i.e. ETH, BSC, Polygon, FTM or Avalanche), where it generates the platform's governance token.

The earned token is exchanged for YEL tokens using market liquidity and distributes YEL tokens to users. This happens for every user, therefore every vault participant is contributing for progressive APY, due to the fact that YEL tokens increase in price with every claim.

Deposits and withdrawals have been optimized for tokens possessing high liquidity, ensuring that significant transactions do not induce any consequential price fluctuations.

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