Getting dYEL

Guide to get dYEL

There are two ways to get dYEL index:

  • buy it on the market

  • obtain through minting and wrapping

To buy it on the market simply find DEX with sufficient liquidity for dYEL. Make sure the contract address of dYEL corresponds to the one you are buying. Be aware of scams.

To obtain dYEL through minting and wrapping, you should choose the preferred bond which you can use for minting. All bonds are listed on the website in the "mint" section. Assets for minting may differ depending on the network you minting. Using the required asset, you will purchase a bond and mint "BIG" token. It will be vested over 5 days, so do not forget to claim it and stake it to receive "BANG". BANG can be wrapped into dYEL through the "Wrap BANG to dYEL" button on the website. Hence, your actions: 1. Buy bond to get BIG 2. Stake BIG to get BANG 3. Wrap BANG for dYEL

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