The first decentralized backed index of DeFi

dYEL is an index token that is backed by a basket of DeFi assets on every chain implemented. You may look at it as the S&P500 index, but the modern-day version with better features. - dYEL is designed the way to increase its price even within stable market conditions. Treasuries that back dYEL are utilized for liquidity provision, leveraged farming, borrow markets, and single side staking. Hence, generating from 30% to 65% APR. - By holding dYEL you have a real backing price. You can always burn dYEL with a 10% fee and receive a real value for it in USDC. - dYEL backing assets are different at every chain. Hence there is a huge possibility for arbitrage and balancing the dYEL price which creates significant trading volumes and makes it super attractive for liquidity providers. - BIG token is an independent instrument that is used to create dYEL. BIG price is decentralized and regulated by the market, however, can be arbitraged through dYEL backing. More information can be found in our article here. Read more:

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